Hoarder Culturist. 

A play on words or a reality? 

I’ve recently discovered how therapeutic and exciting indoor gardening is. Yes, indoor. For the past year I have been in an apartment. I find it a bit funny when my roommates walk in and find my “gardening” all across the kitchen table. 

I looked around my house today and realized JUST how many cacti, succulents, and plants I have obtained in the past few months. “Slow down,” my bank account says. “BUY ALL THE PLANTS,” my heart says. I’ve had to limit the amount of times I can walk through plant stores because I’ve discovered that I have no self control when I walk into a nursery. 

So, while I can’t go and buy more plants, (all my window sills are full!) I decided to share some pictures with you! Enjoy! 


I bought this quaint little shelf at IKEA the other day and it’s been perfect! It has two tiers and an open back so my little babies underneath still see the sun! 


Bebe sunflowers! I really need to transfer these babies and give them more space. They grew so fast! 


Cacti/Succulent windowsill! Also featuring my growing little ivy cutting from my mother and the beautiful Peace Lilly on the left! It’s getting so big! 



It’s been my first time propagating these little ones and I am so so SO proud of them!! This is about 6-7 weeks progress! 

  And here is my pal Gilbert, surrounded by nature! He’s one happy 8 month old fellow! 

  Aaaaaaand, my greatest accomplishment! Here is one of my very first succulents. I bought him outside of Kroger and he was such a cute little thing l couldn’t resist! He didn’t show any signs of growth for so long I began to give up hope. I LITERALLY squealed when I woke up to these new little guys growing at the top! 

I’m so glad I didn’t let “apartment” excuses keep me from developing a hobby that has brought so much joy and beauty into my life! It’s been tough trying to develop a green thumb, but it’s also been incredibly worth every dollar and every hour spent scrolling online articles and book reading! 

And lastly, gardening is not without its losses. I am sorry to say that my dear friend Mr. Echeveria didn’t survive through my learning days. RIP my dear succulent. I’m sorry I didn’t provide you with enough sunlight. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a bit into my home today! If you would like to follow my blog, email subscription is now available by pressing the settings button in the center at the top of the page! 

Get ready for a post on my 2015 Book Reading Challenge, coming soon! 🙂 

Also, I’m loving this iphone6 camera. Here’s a glance into Gil’s dwelling place. He likes plants too. 😉 



Not ready, but now.

There is no such thing as ready, there is only now.

I have never been ready to start a blog. I have never filled a whole journal. Don’t get me wrong, I treasure the feel of blank pages and the sight of stacks of notebooks waiting to be filled, but time has a way of getting away from me day after day as my entries slowly dwindle into Oblivion. I don’t like New Years Resolutions, and I like doing things only because I want to do them. I have days that I want to do nothing but have a Hot date with Netflix (Hello Valentines Day…), and then there are days like yesterday where I want to Conquer the entire Creative World, so I re-pot some plants (aka give my Plant Children new homes), cook Banana (thanks, Gwen) Chocolate Chip Muffins (aka heaven in your mouth), add some tasteful touches to vintage paintings I scored for $2 a piece, read books (more on my 2015 Book Reading Challenge later), and download Every Single Thing recorded by my new favorite music Artist, St. Lucia (Spotify FTW).

This blog came about by the suggestions of two of my bests, H and A.

H started a blog recently (www.lifeisjustdarling.wordpress.com) which you should check out! She is currently living in Okinawa, Japan (awesome, right?!) and helping the missionaries there. She’s my Kindred, and is living the Island Life Dream right now. Definitely someone you want to check out!

has been telling me to blog for oh, A Million Years, and gave me a deadline to have it running by February 1st. (Persuasive huh?) So, here you go, A, February 2nd will have to do!

Honorable Mention: My Highschool Best, K who made a pact with me during Senior Year to Travel the World Together. We’ve been doing great So Far, and I’m looking forward to Ireland 2016! You + Me & The World, K.

And now, More on Non-New Years Resolutions (because Hello, it’s already February).

I’m literally the most Un-Tech Savvy Person You Have Ever Met, besides maybe my Father. (I recently finished the book Paper Towns by John Green -a MUST- so please forgive the Margo-Style Punctuation.) My computer is currently on the fritz and I don’t own an iPad, yet! (Hello, Income Tax!) but, I am determined for my words to be in the world of The Great and expansive internet, even if only read by pre-mentioned H and A. 

So, Welcome! I’m Corina, by the way. Twenty-two and a Fanatic for All Things Creative. Born in Texas and I love giraffes (and even kissed one in Kenya, Africa last year!), I’ve been in one long term relationship that didn’t end the Greatest, and I wasted entirely too much time getting over Him. I write things occasionaly. I might post them occasionally. I recently read something on HelloGiggles (which I am on WAY too often, Thank You Zooey Deschanel, aka My Fashion Role Model for Life) about why being in Your Twenties is the greatest time in Your Entire Life. I’m only just beginning my twenties, I have a propensity to spend all my time thinking of the countries I want to visit, the sights I want to see, the road trips I want to take, etc. etc. So, I’ve decided to Travel my Twenties (check my Instagram @travelingmytwenties for photos of all my Adventures) and spend the Next Eight Years of my life doing whatever I want whenever I want. Basically living the Greatest Life I Can. My Heart is definitely En Route to the next destination at all times. I’ve currently been to three countries, two continents besides my own, and about 20 of the 50 United States of America. (I’ll have to figure that list out soon). I’ve never been kissed, so if someone could send me undercover back to highschool so I can meet a darling teacher, fall in love, unintentionally break his heart, write an article to persuade him of my love, and be kissed for the first time in front of hundreds in the middle of a baseball field by the love of my life, That’d Be Great.

So if you want to see pictures and read about my Babies (okay, single-lady-word for Plants), my Resilient and Brave fish, Gilbert, the never-ending Wanderlust and my travels, thrift store makeovers, yum recipes, my latest music fling, or basically Anything I’m Currently Obsessed with, pull up a chair, sip a cup of tea (mmmm Chai Lattes), and enjoy!

Remember, you may not be Ready to do something, but the time to start is Now.

With Love from A Gypsy Heart & A Restless Soul,


P. S. Hopefully you can read this amongst all my (thoughts)

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