Hoarder Culturist. 

A play on words or a reality? 

I’ve recently discovered how therapeutic and exciting indoor gardening is. Yes, indoor. For the past year I have been in an apartment. I find it a bit funny when my roommates walk in and find my “gardening” all across the kitchen table. 

I looked around my house today and realized JUST how many cacti, succulents, and plants I have obtained in the past few months. “Slow down,” my bank account says. “BUY ALL THE PLANTS,” my heart says. I’ve had to limit the amount of times I can walk through plant stores because I’ve discovered that I have no self control when I walk into a nursery. 

So, while I can’t go and buy more plants, (all my window sills are full!) I decided to share some pictures with you! Enjoy! 


I bought this quaint little shelf at IKEA the other day and it’s been perfect! It has two tiers and an open back so my little babies underneath still see the sun! 


Bebe sunflowers! I really need to transfer these babies and give them more space. They grew so fast! 


Cacti/Succulent windowsill! Also featuring my growing little ivy cutting from my mother and the beautiful Peace Lilly on the left! It’s getting so big! 



It’s been my first time propagating these little ones and I am so so SO proud of them!! This is about 6-7 weeks progress! 

  And here is my pal Gilbert, surrounded by nature! He’s one happy 8 month old fellow! 

  Aaaaaaand, my greatest accomplishment! Here is one of my very first succulents. I bought him outside of Kroger and he was such a cute little thing l couldn’t resist! He didn’t show any signs of growth for so long I began to give up hope. I LITERALLY squealed when I woke up to these new little guys growing at the top! 

I’m so glad I didn’t let “apartment” excuses keep me from developing a hobby that has brought so much joy and beauty into my life! It’s been tough trying to develop a green thumb, but it’s also been incredibly worth every dollar and every hour spent scrolling online articles and book reading! 

And lastly, gardening is not without its losses. I am sorry to say that my dear friend Mr. Echeveria didn’t survive through my learning days. RIP my dear succulent. I’m sorry I didn’t provide you with enough sunlight. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a bit into my home today! If you would like to follow my blog, email subscription is now available by pressing the settings button in the center at the top of the page! 

Get ready for a post on my 2015 Book Reading Challenge, coming soon! 🙂 

Also, I’m loving this iphone6 camera. Here’s a glance into Gil’s dwelling place. He likes plants too. 😉 


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Trinidad and Tobago, 2011. 

Four years ago I spent one of the most magical weeks of my life in Trinidad. It was my first taste of traveling outside of my own country and has left me with an incredible desire in my heart to see and experience the world and the many beautiful people and cultures and sights that it holds. Here are a few pictures from my travels in Trinidad.

The most incredible beach I have ever been to. Also, I can’t say how important it is to try the local Shark and Bake Shark Sandwich. Best sandwich of my life. 

Slightly creepy temple we visited. 

This man sang to me on the beach. I tried to convince him that I had a boyfriend back home at the time, but he wouldn’t be persuaded. “You have American boyfriend back home, and you have me here,” he said. 

I can’t remember the name of this fruit, but it basically tasted like nothing. And the texture was a bit rough to get over. 

I was a little doubtful that this van would get our group up the steep mountains, but I stand corrected. 

Incredible market place. 

I also got the best tan of my life that week. Can I go back now please? 

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Aerial Tunes.

The first time I heard George Ezra’s voice I was 36,000 feet above the ground traveling from DFW to Boston. 

 I’m not one for sleeping on shorter flights. I believe flights are for reading, studying the characters around you, and travel playlists. I normally make a playlist of songs for each particular flight (mostly destination appropriate and all my new music, and songs I can really think about and enjoy while flying.) This particular trip was going to be a week full of exploring New England (Boston-Maine-Kinderhook, NY) with K, and ending the trip with a full day in NYC before meeting up with my two brothers and road tripping all the way back to Texas.

 I had a little mishap before my flight (being locked out of my apartment until 1 am, not a stitch of anything packed, just 3 hours before my flight…), so I wasn’t able to make a playlist beforehand and sincerely needed a Starbucks latte to calm my nerves and keep me awake in the airport.

All this to say, this flight’s music list was a little different than normal.

It wasn’t actually a list, it was setting my iPod on shuffle and eventually discovering the voice I’m sure the angels sound like in Heaven. 

 As the last strains of Atlas Genius or Joshua Radin came to a close, a song popped up that I didn’t even know was on my device. I eventually realized it was a free iTunes single I had downloaded weeks ago and forgotten about.

And let me tell you,
This voice was a mix of all my hopes and dreams wrapped into one.  Needless to say, I’m sure that George Ezra was probably on repeat for the duration of the flight before his manly, melodic, scratchy angel voice eventually put me to sleep (because hello, no sleep for the procrastinating packer). 

 So, this post is in honor of purchasing his Deluxe Album and remembering the Perfect Aerial Moment of discovering his authentic, heartfelt, lyrical masterpiece while flying across the East Coast. “Wanted On Voyage” is an album worthy of putting on repeat for long road trips, train rides, or flights. An album written about traveling, for travelers. It is the soundtrack of my daydreams and I will forever remember the East Coast every time I hear his voice. 

And give me one good reason

Why I should never make a change

Baby if you hold me

Then all of this will go away

My many artifacts

The list goes on

If you just say the words

I, I’ll up and run

Oh, to you

Ooh, you

Ooh, I’d leave it all

-Budapest (George Ezra) 

Also, while listening to his song for the first time, I imagined a 35ish year old with lots of facial hair and maybe some round tortoise shell glasses. Imagine my surprise when I looked him up on Google and discovered that deep scratchy voice came from a 21 year old English stud! Another one of my Favorite People In The World is from England? Not surprised. 

Look him up. Listen up. Buy his album. You won’t regret it.