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I believe that everyone has something that can bring them back to a specific place or time in an instant.

That something, whatever it is, may seem completely insignificant to anyone else, but to you, sends butterflies to your stomach, your pulse racing, and your mind traveling a hundred miles an hour.

Until last night, I had been in a strange mood that I didn’t quite know how to shake. Until I found my something.


It was a bit chilly, but somewhere deep down, I had a feeling that taking this trail off the beaten path would be the best thing to happen to me in ages.

I realized today that I haven’t been able to get away like I used to.
College in East Texas wasn’t the greatest, but it was perfect for the days and nights when all I wanted to do was disappear. It was an easy thing, jumping in my car and heading down my favorite back country road. Windows down, music up, the night air taking me away from the crazy little world I sometimes felt trapped in. People and problems drifted away on nights like those.
There was only one other thing that could make me feel this way.
Swing sets.
Childish to some, swing sets became a getaway for me.
There is something about the feeling of a swing beneath, the sky above, and my eyes wide open and taking in God’s magnificent handiwork that completely thrills me.
I realized that in the midst of this life I am now living, the traffic, the street lights, the busy people, the never sleeping city, somehow, I lost a little part of myself. I lost the girl that could get away. I lost the girl that could lose track of the time while marveling at the perfect alignment of those three bright stars in Orion’s Belt. I lost the girl that felt like she could fly away from her problems one swing at a time.

But tonight, I got that piece of myself back.

So here’s to the swing sets in our lives. The somethings. Those things that take us back and remind us of perfect moments and beautiful memories. Those things that spark our hearts in ways and places we had forgotten.


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