The Road to Anywhere.

Wake up late, thinking
Will this ever end?
Punching the clock,
Can’t think this early.
Stumble through
Morning Routines.
Flyaway hairs,
Spray them down,
You must look presentable.
Coffee in hand,
The road to work
Never changes.
Daily Routines,
Office chairs,
Four walls,
Dreaming of 5 o’clock.
Meetings and planning and
Organizing for tomorrow.
More routines.
No more routines.
Stop the routines.
Leaving the office and
You can’t help but think,
Routines are for the
The Sensible.
5 o’clock means
Shutting the office door behind you.
Getting in the car,
To take the same
Never changing road
To go back and prepare for the
Next day of
Never changing Routines.
But not tonight.
Tonight you
Make up your mind
To Get Lost.
You roll down your windows and
Get lost in the music.
Get lost in adventure.
Get lost in the moment.
This night is for you.
No routines.
No responsibility.
Let loose the flyaway hairs,
You’re on The Road to Anywhere.


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