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Seaside bliss.

Do you know the feeling you get when you hear the beginning of your alarm clock and you can’t even be angry that you have to wake up from your slumber because the song gently easing you into consciousness is so absolutely perfect that you sleepily participate in Four Beautiful Minutes of Musical Bliss before you open your eyes and greet the day with a smile on your face, perfect morning light streaming across the bed from the open balcony doors, and the smell of the seaside on the early morning breeze?

I hadn’t either,
Until I woke up in Maine.

(Also, I don’t think I’ve ever formed so long a sentence as the one above.)


Morning Seaside Bliss.


A Walk to the Ocean.


I’m sitting in this dull office reminiscing and listening to my Seaside playlist and dreaming of the New England coast and I miss the ocean so badly, can I just go back now?

(Run on sentence above and I’m okay with that.)

The Perfect Seaside Tunes In My Opinion:
• Budapest – George Ezra
• You Got What I Need – Joshua Radin
• In Your Arms – Kina Grannis
• Boston – Augustana
• How I Became The Sea – Owl City
• Now That You’re Gone – Ryan Adams
• The Story – Brandi Carlile
• I Need You – M83
• Count Me In – Early Winters
• Take Me Somewhere Nice – Sky Sailing
• 1957 – Milo Greene
• Tennis Elbow – Sky Sailing


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